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From the heart of the international campaign, impassioned individuals at the centre of a thrilling political battle for our planet.

The Challenge is an environmental global media adventure. It is combination of two films made for two mediums which complement one another showing different aspects of the same story, while describing the same initiative.

- a web documentary project produced in the style of «choose your own adventure books». Inviting Internet users to take on the role of an independent journalist who sets off for the Amazon in search of information and witnesses on the ecological disaster provoked by the American oil company Texaco.

- a Television documentary (HD, 52’) that follows the struggle of an Ecuadorian manufacturer and a diplomat who are ready to give up the petrol found on their lands, in order to protect biodiversity.
A political thriller, and a film with a simple intrigue : « Will they succeed in convincing rich countries to help them? »
They only have a few months to convince the international community and their governments. Through this story we accompany people facing the difficult choice between preserving the biodiversity and short term petrodollars. How would we react facing such a radical dilemma?


Length: TV (52′), Web Doc (20′ approx)
Directed by: Laetitia Moreau
Images by: Rémy Révellin and Laetitia Moreau
Editor: Axel Ramonet
Sound Design: Leandro Guffanti
Produced by: Matthieu Belghiti and Arnaud Dressen
Interactive Design: Guillaume Urjewicz and Jérôme Pidoux
Interactive editing powed by Klynt ®
In coproduction with Canal + / Canal + Interactive / What’s Up Films

Le Challenge, Le procès environnemental du siècle
En Equateur, la compagnie pétrolière américaine Texaco fait face depuis les années 90 à un procès sans précédent. Après avoir déversé l’équivalent de 30 pétroliers dans la forêt Amazonienne, ce géant de l’or noir doit répondre aux accusations portées par plusieurs milliers d’indigènes et colons Equatoriens. Ils réclament plus de 16 milliards de dollars de réparation.

Quelles sont leurs chances de gagner ? Le Challenge propose de faire le point sur l’une des plus grandes tragédies écologiques du siècle.

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