Live Magazine 2 : vendredi 12 décembre SAVE THE DATE !

November 2014

LIVE MAGAZINE : Revue d’histoires vraies Au lieu de tourner les pages d’un magazine, on assiste à un spectacle : 15 auteurs (reporters, écrivains, photographes, réalisateurs, dessinateurs) se succèdent pour raconter – en mots, en sons, en images – une histoire vivante. 6 minutes par récit, pas plus. 100 minutes en tout. LIVE Magazine est [...]

Le Grand Incendie : Visa d’or à Perpignan

August 2014

Trailer officiel (english version) En ligne depuis le 17 décembre 2013 sur http://www.legrandincendie.fr En partenariat avec lemonde.fr & FTVinfo. Sélection officielle: IDFA DocLab 2013, Sheffield Doc/Fest 2014, WebProgram Festival 2014, Visa pour l’Image 2014 et Prix Europa 2014. Présentation spéciale au Sunny Side 2014. En France, depuis 2011, tous les quinze jours, une personne s’est [...]

#PresseSansPapier : Faites le test sur Arte et Rue89 !

July 2014

Plutôt casanier ou compulsif ? Pionnier ou vagabond du numérique… Testez-vous et découvrez votre profil !   En ligne le 19 août 2014 sur un-monde-sans-papier.arte.tv/ En partenariat avec Rue89   Presse : vers un monde sans papier Papier ou pixel ? A l’heure où semble sonner le glas de la presse papier traditionnelle au profit du tout digital, notre test – réactualisé en temps réel, cela va de soi – [...]

On Screen. Off Record: Selected for IDFA Forum 2013

July 2013

**LATEST** ON SCREEN OFF RECORD PITCH IN AMSTERDAM AT IDFA FORUM – MONDAY, NOVEMBER 24th 2013 ON SCREEN OFF RECORD WINS TRANSMEDIA PITCH AWARD @ SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC 2013 (France). Synopsis In September 2012, Yadan DRAJY, a pioneer in the recent wave of political activism in Syria, arrived in France after first crossing [...]

Marlisco (working title)

November 2012

While more than half of the world’s population now lives close to marine environments, we rely heavily on the seas for their natural resources including food, transport and recreation. However, we also use it as a convenient dumping ground for domestic and industrial waste, both directly and via river and atmospheric inputs, leading to important [...]

Discover Klynt v2! Create your own interactive documentaries.

October 2011

Back in 2012, we launched the revamp of Klynt, our in-house prototype editing production tool with the goal to design a versatile, professional & universal application. Since February 2013, Klynt HTML5 new release is now available for NGOs, newsrooms, web agencies & independant filmmakers on http://www.klynt.net. >> Try it now! Klynt is a project by [...]

Rapporteur de crise: with Curiosphere.tv & Liberation.fr

March 2011

>>> A VOIR SUR France Télévisions Synopsis (English) Since the global financial breakdown, the EU has to tackle the consequences of a crisis that is far from over and that puts the political and social cohesion of Member States and the currency union at risk. Faced with this emergency, what can MEPs do to reverse [...]

Boomtown Babylon: Portraying today’s most divided cities

August 2010

Watch project demo (private) Presentation Shot by local filmmakers from across the globe whose stories crisscross and interconnect, BOOMTOWN BABYLON invites you to embark on a singular ride from dawn until dusk in today’s new urban communities, exploring the worldwide phenomenon of urbanization. Through unique local perspectives, Boomtown Babylon will open the eyes of new audiences to the challenges [...]


Le Grand Incendie (2013)

by Samuel Bollendorff & Olivia Colo with France Television

Rapporteur de crise (2011)

by Samuel Bollendorff & Olivia Colo
with Curiosphere.tv & Liberation.fr

iROCK (2010)

by Lionel Brouet
with Orange.fr

Le Challenge (2009)

by Laëtitia Moreau
with CANAL+

The Big Issue (2009)

by Samuel Bollendorff & Olivia Colo
with france 5

Journey to the End of Coal (2008)

by Samuel Bollendorff & Abel Ségrétin
with lemonde.fr

Coming Up

Live Magazine by Florence Martin-Kessler
Marlisco by Isabelle Sylvestre
Boomtown Babylon by V. Moon & L. Sodderland