Voyage au bout du charbon

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Journey To The End Of Coal tells you the story of a sacrifice. A sacrifice millions of Chinese coal miners are making everyday, risking their lives and spoiling their land to satisfy their own country’s appetite for economic growth.

Your journey begins in Datong which is located just a couple hours away West from Beijing. You travel from there all around the region and visit its major coal mines, from the “best” state-owned complex to the worst private coal plants.

In and around the coal mines, you get the story first hand from the mingong, the rural migrants traveling their country looking for work.

At your own pace and will, you meet them and learn more about how they live in this valley of death and pollution, sometimes even literally bumping into them as they leave their home for their night shift, in the frozen winter of Northern China.

Ultimately, you might discover China forbidden mines in which happen most of the accidents.

Producer : Arnaud Dressen
Directors: Samuel Bollendorff and Abel Ségrétin
Co-Author: Grégoire Basdevant
Sound design: Frederic Blin
Development: 31Septembre / Guillaume Urjewicz / Remi Toffoli
Interactive editing powed by Klynt®
With the support from CNC multimédia and SCAM.

First released on French news portal with more than 1.5 million page views.

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